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Mains Replacement Prioritisation (MRP)

Mains Replacement Prioritisation (MRP)

MRP is an intuitive decision support tool which helps you to predict the ongoing condition and performance of your assets so you can plan an optimal replacement programme.

MRP is a powerful decision support tool for operators of gas distribution mains helping reduce operating costs and enhancing safety and reliability.  It comprises a risk based methodology to prioritise which mains to replace and can be used with either its own inbuilt mains condition models or models tailored to meet a customer’s specific requirements. The planning and scenario evaluation tools allow the comparison of multi-year strategies for the replacement programme helping develop plans which maximise the return on maintenance and capital expenditure budgets.

Used as part of a distribution integrity management plan, MRP can help a gas distribution network operator reduce their system risk and optimise their maintenance budget. This can be achieved by targeting repairs on mains which may not be scheduled for replacement or by accelerating the replacement of mains which may require multiple repairs over a defined time period, the cost of which exceeds the cost of replacement.

MRP provides you with a tool that:

  • Computes the present condition of metallic mains
  • Calculates the risk of incidents posed by the aging metallic mains
  • Predicts the rate of change in condition and risk over time and future deterioration
  • Allows for the evaluation of different possible multi-year replacement programmes
  • Facilitates the development of replacement strategies based on criteria such as material, age, operating pressure or diameter
  • Enables the assignment of a "replacement year" to each main
  • Allows the use of native GIS tools to manage inputs and results in an open environment

MRP is part of the UPTIME Product suite and can be deployed as part of a comprehensive gas distribution risk and integrity solution.

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