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Asset Integrity

Asset Integrity

Software Solutions

Using over 30 years experience in engineering consultancy, design and operations we have developed a range of tools that help you plan, monitor and control the integrity of your assets. Our software helps you to check and manage the risks involved in operating assets in every segment of the oil and gas industry. We can help you to optimise maintenance schedules and to maximise the performance of your assets.

GL Noble Denton recognises that effective business decisions are made on a foundation of reliable and readily available information and business knowledge. To facilitate such decisions our software products provide the platform for a comprehensive solution to the integrity management of assets across the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Oil and Gas Sectors. These solutions provide operators with an environment for information and knowledge integration combined with industry leading integrity and risk analyses. 

A solution based upon GL Noble Denton’s asset integrity software will help improve the safe and reliable operation of your asset and help optimise your business performance.

Plant Integrity

Asset integrity management programmes are an essential part of operating and maintaining any plant or facility.  An integrated solution will optimise performance by identifying, monitoring & reporting on the likelihood and consequences of failures at every stage of the asset life-cycle through management control and proactive intervention.

Pipeline Integrity

Information and data are among an organisation’s most valuable assets. In the pipeline industry, these elements help pipeline operators make crucial and effective decisions to ensure system safety and integrity. Pipelines are subject to different integrity threats including internal corrosion, external corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, third party damage and fatigue. Driven by factors including the need to demonstrate compliance with local regulations, pipeline operators are increasingly adopting integrity management software and centralised databases. These software solutions allow operators and owners to utilise all the relevant information affecting pipeline safety and integrity management.

Damage Prevention

Third party damage to buried assets can cause a major risk to the safety of field workers and the general public, disruption to services, damage to the environment, and incur significant expenditure for the asset owner. Damage Prevention presents a major challenge to all asset owners, and the provision of timely, accurate and appropriate information is a key factor in addressing the risks involved.

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