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Work Scope Management

Work Scope Management

Proper planning and scheduling of inspection is important so as to minimize downtime with effective preparation of work activities. GALIOM Work Pack Management module will assist engineers in planning of inspection requirements, scheduling of work pack due for issue; tracking of the work packs issued, monitored data entry status and records status of anomaly recording.

The work order planning is carried out in CMMS software's and is imported into GALIOM Work Pack module for detailed work scope preparation. GALIOM Interfaces with recognised CMMS systems like SAP, MAXIMO and Datastream 7i. GALIOM helps engineers in preparing supporting documents for Inspection execution along with work scope:
  • Batch Printing of P&ID
  • Batch Printing of inspection Isometric drawings
  • Batch Printing of data sheets
  • Tag / Equipment History

Work Planning
Work planning involves generation of a Preventative Maintenance (PM) Concept, programming frequency for PM's and automatic or manual generation of PM Schedules. Work pack planning starts with the PM schedule recording. The PM scheduling works two ways in GALIOM, it can be programmed in GALIOM at a time bound interval or it can be downloaded from CMMS systems. Once the schedule is available in GALIOM with work order number, GALIOM automatically assigns PM work scope requirement due date and colour codes the work scope requirement due date based on client specific configuration.

Work Pack Management, Tracking & Status
As PM schedule is available in GALIOM the work scope management module will allow engineers to create a work pack requirement. A work pack number will be generated against the work order. A configurable traffic light system is used here to highlight the work pack completion status, it highlights whether preparation timeline is overdue or not. When work pack is completed and is issued for review or execution, the work pack status changes and is highlighted in tracking records. When the inspection execution is completed the work pack status for data entry and anomaly entry is managed and status is reported thru GALIOM.

GALIOM assists in tracking physical work pack movement from one desk to another and from one contractor organisation to another using the GALIOM tracking system. The sequence of movement is configured in GALIOM based on the customer requirement.

  • Work Pack Tracking
    GALIOM Work Pack Management will help users track the work pack movement from one desk to another until it is closed out. The engineer prepares the work pack, pass it for review and inspection activity, when inspection execution is completed, the work pack comes back to data management people and engineers to raise the anomalies, and finally when all data is managed and corrected the work pack record is signed off.
  • Data Entry Status
    This highlights what is the current status of document when it reaches to the data management group. The group is responsible for data entry of historical data and AutoCAD drawing change management.

Work Scope Preparation
GALIOM helps engineers to prepare the work scope easily, efficiently and effectively. Work scope for individual inspection techniques for single and multiple equipment / tags can be created in GALIOM quickly. Intensive work scope preparation for Ultra sonic wall thickness readings, offshore structural components or offshore and onshore pipelines are taken care by GALIOM. GALIOM comes with configuration model for work scope preparation for any inspection technique. On customer request the implementation team can define and configure customer specific requirements on datasheet report, data export formats etc easily using

GALIOM configuration models

  • Ultrasonic Wall Thickness work scope preparation and datasheets
    Individual test points within the functional / inventory group is listed for the work scope preparation and engineers can quickly select the scanning or spot reading requirement based on overdue next inspection due dates and remaining life. Screen allows all typical things required for work scope execution like batch printing of datasheets, drawings and graphs.
  • Written Scheme of Examination (WSE)
    Written scheme of examination is normally prepared for inspection during shutdown opportunity or adhoc internal inspection of vessels. The work to be done data sheet typically will be focused on identified failure mechanisms and inspection effectiveness. This screen allows WSE scope preparation for multiple equipment in one work pack.
  • Work scope based on Inspection Checklist
    Inspection checklist for each of the equipment based on inspection type can be printed or exported into excel file as a work scope for inspection execution. While the inspection is carried out, inspector will fill the checklist electronically or hardcopy and then transfer into GALIOM by importing electronically or by doing manual data entry.

Offshore Structural Inspection Work scope preparation
Following work scope preparation for inspection methods are pre-configured in GALIOM for offshore structures.

  • Coating Thickness Check
  • Marine Growth Check
  • Scour Check
  • Support Check
  • Obstruction Check
  • General Visual inspection
  • Close Visual inspection
  • Anode Wastage
  • Structural Cathodic Protection
  • External Corrosion Inspection

Onshore and Offshore Pipeline work scope preparation
Following work scope preparation for inspection methods are pre-configured in GALIOM for Pipelines,

  • Intelligent Pig Run (ILI)
  • Free span measurement
  • Close visual inspection
  • In-flight Inspection or shipping inspection
  • CP Measurement: current eddy
  • CP Measurement: Anode inspection
  • Walking inspection
  • Cover height measurement

Work Scope Preparation for Corrosion Coupon

Work Scope Preparation for Corrosion Probe

Work Scope Preparation for Rotating Equipment

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