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Storage Tanks

Storage Tanks

Asset Integrity Management

GALIOM module for atmospheric storage tank does the Asset Integrity Management similar to all other equipments registered in GALIOM and also utilizes risk based inspection approach for tanks that are built to API 650 and API 653 codes.

GALIOM allows engineers to register tanks in the facility as TAG and its features like roof plates, bottom plates, shell course and nozzles as FEATURE. GALIOM RBI is performed based on EMMUA 159 guidelines. It allows engineers to derive consequence of failure ranking and to derive probability of failure ranking. Finally the risk is shown in a 5x5 risk matrix and color codes asset hierarchy by risk. Storage Tank RBI is based on EMMUA 159, API 650 and API 653.

CoF Tree
GALIOM for Storage Tank derives the consequence of failure in accordance with the people (safety), Environment, asset and reputation factors that are derived as follows:

PoF Tree

On other hand GALIOM for Storage tanks derives probability of failure based on the remaining life time and is derived in accordance with the following factors:

Probability factors are derived dependent upon feature type as bottom, shell courses and roof. The sub-factors considered above can be summarized in terms of actions taken to limit internal or external corrosion, factors that influence the failure mechanism and the effectiveness of drainage to prevent water ingress.

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