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Stoner Pipeline Simulator (SPS)

Accurate future pipeline information based on SPS/Statefinder modelling technology.


Predictor provides the ability to view future events before they affect the operation of the pipeline. The predictor can run in various modes including:

Automatic Predictor

The real-time pipeline state calculated by SPS/Statefinder is used as the starting point for the Automatic Predictor’s calculations. Using a list of timed events describing planned operation such as schedules and nominations, the automatic Predictor steps forward in time to show how the network will behave If you maintain a schedule for planned set point or equipment changes.  Predicted alarm conditions are signaled so that pre-emptive action can be taken before the real-life conditions occur.

The Automatic predictor is the ideal tool to balance schedules and nominations with confidence, ensuring security of supply for your shippers, or to calculate survival time after an unscheduled event.

Planning Predictor

The Planning Predictor is used to run “what-if?” cases on request. By comparing the economic and hydraulic results of multiple forecasts, you can select the best strategy for pipeline operation.

The planning predictor is Ideal for maintenance planning and contingency analysis.

Information from SPS/Predictor can be accessed via the SPS Operational Interface, a fully web-enabled GUI, or retrieved for display in SCADA or commercial applications directly from GL’s StOPC server.

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