GL - Noble Denton


Stoner Pipeline Simulator (SPS)

GL’s SPS/Leakfinder analyses the calculated pipeline state in real-time, to provide truly effective leak detection, sizing, and location.


GL’s pipeline leak detection system has been designed to provide the most comprehensive leak detection system available, with fast detection times over all operating ranges together with accurate location and leak size estimation.

Both temporary and permanent flow and pressure data outages are handled by SPS’s global solution techniques allowing for best of class leak detection on pipeline transmissions systems.

State estimation is key to good leak detection performance; state estimation is designed to mitigate the real world issues encountered on operating pipelines, such as data uncertainties or bad communications. Together with multiple leak detection methodologies GL’s SPS/Leakfinder will meet all of your real-time leak detection requirements.
SPS/Leakfinder uses “Active Modelling” to dynamically modify leak detection thresholds to ensure fast and accurate leak detection and location under all operating conditions, while minimising potential false alarms.

Information from SPS/Leakfinder can be accessed via the SPS Operational Interface, a fully web-enabled GUI, or retrieved for display in SCADA or commercial applications directly from GL’s StOPC server.

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