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Data Loggers

Data Loggers


GALIOM understands the hardship of an inspector doing inspection using various inspection tools in field. Ultrasonic wall thickness reading is one of the labor intense task which is made easy on data collection using data logger and reporting back into GALIOM almost seamlessly.

The data logger module assists the inspector with the wall thickness measurements and also reduces the data entry time for huge amount of data collected during inspection.

The Data loggers like Panametric's 36DL+ and EPOCH III units are used for logging wall thickness measurements. To automate the process of recording wall thickness measurements, this module will plan, prepare and create inspection work scope. The final inspection work scope is then downloaded into the data logger units. That will be considered as electronic work scope for the inspectors in field. The survey results logged into the data logger are uploaded into database for storage, reporting and analysis.

Functionality of Data Logger

  • Export the GALIOM inspection work scope into Data logger
  • Import the inspection work scope from data logger into GALIOM
  • Evaluate and validate data collected
  • Track inspection progress
  • Review and approve data collected
  • Raise anomalies directly from anomalous data records
  • Store collected data as historical records

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