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Interface to AutoCAD

Interface to AutoCAD

Two way communications

GALIOM module for AutoCAD helps the draftsman to draw the AutoCAD drawing using standard templates defined by GALIOM. GALIOM AutoCAD Interface comes with standard blocks and macro prepared for generating the isometrics quickly. The integration allows two way communications between AutoCAD and GALIOM.

GALIOM allows creating new inspection isometrics drawings from GALIOM document management module by a simple click on new document, allows draftsman to draw isometrics in standard templates using GALIOM blocks and GALIOM VBA screens in AutoCAD. When the drawing is saved in AutoCAD file the features and test point defined in the drawing is automatically registered in GALIOM.

This makes the life much simpler for draftsman and data processor where they do not need to duplicate the inspection location and equipment feature creation in GALIOM. All mechanical and wall thickness required data is available from drawing itself where by inspectors do not need to refer any additional data sheet and can identify whether the current minimum wall thickness is above the minimum allowable wall thickness while doing inspection. And when inspectors find any anomaly by quick comparing in the drawing they raise anomalies in GALIOM thru its inspection memo and reporting services.

Not every GALIOM user is AutoCAD draftsman and hence installing AutoCAD and any other viewer program could be hassle for customer, to ease this situation GALIOM comes with its inbuilt viewer screen to show the AutoCAD files inside GALIOM's environments rather than calling external viewers. The viewer allows user to review the document description / comments like inspection photo comments.

An document is attachable to asset

GALIOM comes with top class management reporting thru Intelligent CAD. A drilldown from AutoCAD based MAP Plan to Plot Plans and further down to P&ID and finally to individual isometrics is used to highlight risk and overdue on Preventative and Corrective maintenance. This will also highlight which test point's needs to be inspected in the coming schedule.

AutoCAD mapping

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