GL - Noble Denton


GL Noble Denton provides software designed to meet the specific needs of Transmission owners and operators with solutions covering pipeline planning and operations, integrity management and maintenance.

GL Noble Denton provide tools designed to meet the requirements of transmission pipeline companies. Our SynerGEE Gas, Stoner Pipeline Simulator software is used by engineers in the design and analysis of existing/new pipeline systems and the optimisation of the performance of existing system, plant and equipment.

For managing the operation of transmission pipelines GL delivers Stoner Pipeline Simulator and Forecaster that integrates with your SCADA system to monitor the operational state of your pipeline in the control room and provide leak detection and operational look-ahead capability as well as facilitate operator training. The booking, monitoring and reconciliation of third party access to a pipeline system can be managed using GL’s Transmission Access Manager.

Maintenance scheduling on transmission pipelines is critical to ensure continued safety performance at optimum cost. Our Uptime and Galiom software delivers the ability to link all asset data, GIS information and maintenance requirements in a data management system to provide a consistent and cost effective approach to integrity management.

ALERT is a flexible solution which will enable you to manage and report emissions from gas turbines and other stationary sources, gas turbine and compressor performance, power generation performance, condition monitoring and plant energy management

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