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Join the debate on the future of Asia in the gas industry

Join the debate on the future of Asia in the gas industry

During the World Gas Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, GL Noble Denton invited delegates to have their say on the key issues affecting the sector in our Industry Snapshot Poll.

GL Noble Denton surveyed hundreds of industry professionals on issues affecting the growing Asian gas market during the World Gas Conference (WGC), 4 - 8 June 2012.

Three Industry Snapshot Polls were held during the conference. Attendees were invited to GL Noble Denton's stand to vote on the following questions:

Will China become the world's largest producer of shale gas by 2030?

Result: 81% of WGC poll respondents said that China will be world's largest shale-gas producer by 2030, while 19% thought that it will not.

Will Japan decrease its dependence on LNG in the next decade?

Result: 67% of participants in the WGC poll, said LNG is likely to continue to make up for a shortfall in nuclear power production in Japan for the next 10 years.

Does Asia have the infrastructure to support growth in gas consumption?

Result: 71% of participants thought that the region has the technical foundation to develop the systems needed to support an increased dependence on gas.

The poll was also completed online by senior professionals from across the industry.

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