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Growing Pains - Exclusive Whitepaper

Growing Pains - Exclusive Whitepaper

Capital expenditure is one of the few things that the oil and gas industry can be certain of this year, according to a roundtable discussion among sector leaders in London.

Oil and gas leaders have forecast improved performance and higher levels of capital expenditure in 2012. But the industry can't afford to rest on its laurels, according to a group of more than 30 senior players in the UK energy sector, who were brought together by GL Noble Denton for an exclusive roundtable discussion in London.

Hosted by GL Noble Denton's Executive Vice President, Business Development and General Manager, Peter Russell-Smith (above), the event was the first in a series of executive briefings organised by the company in key energy centres across the world.

The roundtable discussions follow the publication of Big Spenders: The outlook for the oil and gas industry in 2012, an Economist Intelligence Unit report commissioned by GL Noble Denton, which sets the scene for a year of great prosperity.

An overview of the evening's roundtable discussions can be found in our exclusively prepared white paper available for you to download:

"Growing Pains" - Exclusive whitepaper

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