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Asia - From gas consumer to producer?

Asia - From gas consumer to producer?

GL Noble Denton, in partnership with Petroleum Economist, arranged a panel discussion event to run during the World Gas Conference 2012 to discuss the impact of Asia’s entry to the global unconventional gas market.

The last five years has seen Asia's energy consumption jump by over 26%, the next ten years is expected to see another 30% rise (source: US Energy Information Administration). Hampered by expensive LNG imports and spurred on by the US shale-gas experience, Asian countries are now looking to exploit their own unconventional-gas resources, a move which is likely to transform the global market in the next decade.

China, for example, is believed to hold greater shale reserves than the US and international firms are keen to join forces with Chinese firms as they assess the country's unconventional potential. If Asia can successfully exploit its unconventional reserves, will the region, now major energy consumers, become a hub for major gas production? And, if this happens what will it mean for the global gas market?

Richard Bailey, GL Noble Denton's Executive Vice President for Asia Pacific, was part of a panel of industry leading experts discussing the many economical, logistical and legislative implications as well as opportunities the unconventional-gas revolution in Asia brings.

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